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A monthly conversation with a different expert each time.

The Diary Of Design Thinking podcast is a monthly conversation with a different expert each time. These conversations touch upon the main topic of UX design, designers of all levels as well as engineers, UX researchers and so on. The main focus is on how they tackle projects within their organisation. Walking us through their workflow in terms of the end to end UX process techniques, design thinking and implementing best practices. 

Therefore, the mission of this show is to gain value, real-life experiences and to share the knowledge so that you can apply it in your process today. And to gain inspiration to set up for your next interview perhaps. 

Get inspired and stay curious.

The idea behind The Diary Of Design Thinking Podcast

After attending numerous interviews in the past, I noticed one theme, and I am sure you have as well. Interviewers often asked how I tackle typical projects and to talk them through my best case studies and workflow to get a grasp of how I work as a designer.

It was a lightbulb moment that went off in my head, where I thought this is interesting and wondered what sort of answers interviewers received from asking designers these sorts of questions. Therefore, I decided it would be beneficial to have a conversation with different designers, engineers and UX researchers to walk us through how they tackle current projects in their organisation, what their UX processes are, and the design thinking. 

11. Bait-and-switch jobs, a layoff survival guide, and the art of disagreeing with stakeholders. The Diary Of Design Thinking

Finding a new UX job can be daunting in itself, but it’s miles harder if you’ve just been laid off. What’s worse? Imagine if on your first day, it wasn’t what you signed up for—your manager informs you the role has changed responsibilities. Bummer. We cover how we navigate these difficulties in our own career journeys, wrangle with Webflow, and shine a transparent light on professionally disagreeing with your stakeholders. Hint: rhymes with shdata, and shmuser shmesearch. What we discussed: 0:00:00 – what’s happened to Simon since last season? 0:02:30 – Webflow, it’s learning curve, and comparing it to Figma 0:07:55 – Chuck’s childhood, and the “life stages” of brewing coffee 0:12:25 – Simons career update, and starting a different job than advertised 0:18:00 – advice for you if a job doesn’t match the description; it differs if you’re junior or senior 0:23:10 – Chuck career update, a legit design system, and navigating a layoff 0:30:00 – Elon Musk, Twitter layoffs, and main character syndrome 0:34:50 – what to do immediately after a layoff 0:43:08 – Chucks new gig 0:44:40 – a tale of disagreeing with a stakeholder 0:50:20 – when to push back, and how to make your case 0:56:34 — what if the data says no, but a stakeholder still says yes? 0:58:55 — should designers take responsibility if devs are busy or not? 1:05:44— after 8 years, would you join UX if you could start again? Full show notes available here:
  1. 11. Bait-and-switch jobs, a layoff survival guide, and the art of disagreeing with stakeholders.
  2. 10. I’m on pause.
  3. 9. The 4 principals towards building delightful products.
  4. 8. The art of career change with Tom Clarke, Junior Web Developer at Costa Coffee.
  5. 7. What it really takes to be a great leader with James Ferguson, Lead Product Designer at Vidsy.

The Host

Simon Hoang is a UXer that centres around putting users at the core of product design. Passionate about user-centred design, and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

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