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A monthly conversation with a different expert each time.

The Diary Of Design Thinking podcast is a monthly conversation with a different expert each time. These conversations touch upon the main topic of UX design, designers of all levels as well as engineers, UX researchers and so on. The main focus is on how they tackle projects within their organisation. Walking us through their workflow in terms of the end to end UX process techniques, design thinking and implementing best practices. 

Therefore, the mission of this show is to gain value, real-life experiences and to share the knowledge so that you can apply it in your process today. And to gain inspiration to set up for your next interview perhaps. 

Get inspired and stay curious.

The idea behind The Diary Of Design Thinking Podcast

After attending numerous interviews in the past, I noticed one theme, and I am sure you have as well. Interviewers often asked how I tackle typical projects and to talk them through my best case studies and workflow to get a grasp of how I work as a designer.

It was a lightbulb moment that went off in my head, where I thought this is interesting and wondered what sort of answers interviewers received from asking designers these sorts of questions. Therefore, I decided it would be beneficial to have a conversation with different designers, engineers and UX researchers to walk us through how they tackle current projects in their organisation, what their UX processes are, and the design thinking. 

13. Should Product Designers work remotely, and the ultimate desk setup for UX/UI work The Diary Of Design Thinking

Post-pandemic, we’ve gone from home bound to remote whenever we can, but is it even possible for a modern Product Designer? We discuss the ultimate desk setup, the worst desk setup, what belongs in your “go-bag”, and what setup graduates and freshly minted designers might need. Plus, a couple books we can recommend, and tips to avoid causing your colleagues ear bleeds. What we discussed 0:00:52 — episode begins 0:01:30—post pandemic desk setups 0:02:40—dedicated microphone, is it worth it? 0:04:15—adjusting gain levels, to prevent your team mates’ ears bleeding 0:05:20—Chuck’s ultimate desk setup items 0:08:00 — posture, neck positions, and preventing injuries 0:10:00 — Simon’s ultimate desk setup items 0:11:30 — managing all the dongles and devices 0:14:15 — notes and sketching during meetings: pencil and paper, iPad..? 0:17:10 — desk setup tips for fresh graduates and early career 0:20:00—desk setup tips if you have a dedicated space or room 0:22:00—standing desk versus normal desks 0:26:15—history of Chuck’s setup and how it developed over time 0:29:40—history of Simon’s setup and how it developed over time 0:31:30 — is there truly a de-facto ultimate setup? Show us yours! 0:33:50—ultimate bag setup for digital nomads and people on-the-go 0:46:10 — what’s the worst desk setup item? 0:51:30 — desk mats, decoration, and more 0:55:45—book recommendations to feed your brain 0:58:55—discovery by speaking to users… every week?! 1:05:00—a question for next time 1:06:45—final thoughts Don’t worry, these are all affiliate free 😉. For full show notes, visit
  1. 13. Should Product Designers work remotely, and the ultimate desk setup for UX/UI work
  2. 12. Do designers need to draw, stuck in Senior and Lead positions, and when stakeholders disagree
  3. 11. Bait-and-switch jobs, a layoff survival guide, and the art of disagreeing with stakeholders.
  4. 10. I’m on pause.
  5. 9. The 4 principals towards building delightful products.

The Host

Simon Hoang is a UXer that centres around putting users at the core of product design. Passionate about user-centred design, and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

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